Jobseeker Application Form Tips

Why are they used? Because it puts the recruiter in complete control of the information they will receive from applicants. This in turn makes the screening process more manageable and fair, because it allows them to make direct comparisons between your responses and everyone else's.

  • Never simply substitute an application form with your CV/Resume. It is usually acceptable to include your CV/Resume when you return the form, unless specifically asked not to.   
  • Never respond to a question on the application form with the phrase 'see attached CV/Resume'.
  • Always read the whole form carefully before filling it in and make a photocopy of the blank form to have a dry run at completing it. When complete, ensure you ask someone else to check through what you have written.
  • A good exercise is to jot down your initial thoughts on a rough page. Don't be caught out by starting to write your response and realising halfway through that you could have phrased it in a better way.
  • Worse still, you could make a mistake that you can't amend.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to complete the form. A quiet environment with no interruptions is perfect.
  • Never leave blanks. Always make sure you respond in some way, even if it is with a dash or 'not applicable'.
  • Again, and only if asked, it is far better to indicate a salary range rather than exact details.
  • Honesty is your best policy. As with covering letters and CV/Resumes, the golden rule still applies. Never lie or exaggerate. You will be found out and this will do your relationship with a prospective employer no good at all.
  • Use black ink to carefully copy across from your practice form to the original.
  • Always take a photocopy of the completed form. That way you will be able to refer to what you wrote if you are invited to interview.
  • Send the original with a covering letter.
  • Regard 'other information' sections as an opportunity to sell yourself by emphasising your achievements, skills and strengths. Think about instances when you have demonstrated the requirements specified in the job advertisement. What specifically did you do? What was the result?