Jobseeker CV/Resume Tips

Your CV/Resume is the key helps you stand out in today’s crowded job market. Not one size fits all.


  • Take your time!  Plan it well - your CV/Resume is an important marketing tool where you are the product and the CV/Resume is the chance to “sell” yourself.
  • First impressions count – you only have 20-30 seconds to grab the reader’s attention.
  • Ensure the document looks attractive – give thought to the layout, use headings and bullet points and remember the importance of white space.
  • Correct spelling and grammar are essential – using the computer spell check facility is not enough.
  • Check it, check it again, get someone else to check it and then check it again.
  • Include a summary up front that makes the reader want to find out more.
  • Keep it up to date.
  • Keep it truthful but of course, you don’t have to tell the whole truth.
  • Do be clear, concise and accurate.
  • Try to tailor the CV/Resume to suit the job being applied for – reflect the terminology used in the advertisement.  Remember word processing makes this a lot easier.
  • Keep it short – length will vary according to age but preferably 2 pages and NEVER more than four pages.
  • Use strong, positive words – avoid any negative comments.
  • Ensure it is results oriented - list achievements, not just responsibilities.
  • Use reverse chronological order for work experience – include dates, company name and activity and job title.
  • Qualifications should be arranged to show commitment to relevant ongoing continuing professional development.
  • Wherever possible, send to a named person – if unsure contact the company to check.


  • Don’t waste time saying it is a CV/Resume – it’s pretty obvious what it is!
  • Don’t use coloured paper (or cheap paper, for that matter) – stick to good quality cream or white stock.
  • Print (laser quality), don’t photocopy.
  • Don’t include a photograph unless specifically requested.  After all, you don’t want people to fall about laughing at your passport photograph and not notice your suitability for the position.
  • If it is a postal application, don’t fold the CV/Resume - post out in A4 envelopes.
  • Do not mention salary unless requested.
  • Do not disclose reasons for leaving prior jobs.