Refer a friend for a job email

Refer a friend for a job email

You can use this Refer a friend for a job email template to encourage employee referrals. If you’re already using Workable, this email could be part of your employee referral program communication. Or, you could also get some ideas for building your first employee referral program.

Send this email to encourage employees to refer their friends for open roles. Be clear about the information you seek, like skill set, professional experience and knowledge of job-related software. If your company offers an employee referral bonus program, include details about the incentives in your email.

If you want referrals for one specific role, customize this “Refer a friend for a job” email template to include job requirements. Or, use our employee referral program sample email.

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Refer a friend email template:

Email Subject Line: We’re hiring! / Refer a friend to work with us!

Hi all,

As you know, here at [Company_name], we are always looking to grow our teams with talented people, just like you.

If you know someone who you think would be a good fit here, let us know. To make this process easier for all, please refer your friend by answering the following questions:

  • What’s the name of the person you want to refer and how do you know them? (e.g. “X is a former colleague from Y company”)
  • For what role(s) will this person be suitable for? (e.g. Account Manager in the Sales department)
  • What’s their main area of expertise and their most significant skills? (e.g. “solid knowledge of X HRIS system and experience managing payroll for large companies”)
  • If you’ve previously worked together, mention one or two things that make your friend a good coworker. (e.g. “always meets deadlines”, “gives memorable presentations” or “is willing to help fellow team members”)
  • Why do you think this person would be a good fit for our company? (e.g. “has a broad network and can help us expand our customer base,” “is very creative and passionate about web design and can contribute with new ideas” or “works well under pressure and will help our team stay organized.”)

Please attach your friend’s contact details and resume to the email and leave next steps to us.

[It’s best to mention whether you offer an employee referral bonus program, e.g. “Keep in mind that if we end up hiring the friend you’ll refer to us, you’ll be eligible for one additional PTO day as a bonus.”]

Don’t forget to regularly check our careers page [add link] for new openings. If you have any questions, feel free to contact [add appropriate person’s name and contact details, e.g. recruiter’s name with a link to their email].

Thank you!

[Your name]